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Wednesday 10-30

2002-10-30 12:43 p.m.

Salem finally regained her birth weight. She is 7 pounds and 8 ounces today. :) This is one happy momma. She is such a blessing. I can't imagine how my life functioned without her. I simply can't.

Life is moving way too fast though. She was 4 weeks yesterday and I have to go back to work on November 18th. Originally I had planned to be off through December and then hopefully be able to turn in my notice. But my bedrest since June 18th killed my sick leave so I have to go back for a month. It just SUCKS. I want to be a SAHM.

We are still planning on me staying at home **Knock On Wood** in January or February. So I pray that comes through. I got out my cloth diapers. They are SO big on Salem. LOL. I can't wait til she is bigger to wear them.

Oh and she loves her sling and her mommy bear. It's a bear that has sound that mimics the sounds she heard in the womb.

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