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My Ordeal With The hospital Pathology Department

2002-10-24 1:18 p.m.

OK in the hospital Dr. T told me and Brian that the path dept would take pics of the baby for us but to have a nurse call and remind them. I got to see the baby that died but Brian didn't and I really wanted the pics. So we had a nurse in Labor and Delivery call and then a nurse on the Women's unit call after I was moved. They both confirmed that pics were taken.

Well last week I called and spoke to the secretary. She had no clue and basically told me she doubted there was pics. I freaked out. Started crying, blah blah. Then she told me to wait and call this week and speak to the Dr. in charge of the dept.

I called Monday and this woman Dr. basically blew me off. She said she doubted there were pics. That she wasn't here that week Salem was born and that the nurses typically don't call them with this type of request.

I told her I had a hard time believing two different nurses on two wards would lie to me. She said well I don't know what to tell you.

I demanded to know who was working that day. She said I will have to make an inquiry and get back to you.

I started crying and asked her if she realized that this was ALL I had of my baby that died. She basically seemed indifferent. I am normally very forceful and get my way except when I am so emotional like this.

I called Brian hysterical. He called Dr. T who gave him the name of someone else. After talking to them he was transferred to the woman. He basically laid right into her and said if they didn't have pics they couldn't change that now but she had no right to show me such indifference at such a hard time. She apologized to him. And later called him back. They found the pics. They just hadn't been filed yet.

They are somewhat "gruesome" but they are all I have. The memory I have of the baby in the OR didn't see this gruesome but I think it was because the baby was held up close to me so I could see the details of their eyes, etc. But thank God for Brian. Otherwise there's no telling what would have happened to these pics.

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