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October 11, 2006

2006-10-11 9:17 p.m.

Where to update? Geesh I have upteen boards and myspace (to watch Korie and Larrah) and email and I think of diaryland a lot. I just can't let the DL go. But I am seldom here. Something has to give. I can't update it all. But I would love to get back into the swing of writing. I miss it. I need it. It's nice and enlghtening to look back on it and see what's going on now compared to then and so on.

So do I continue stretching myself to post everywhere?

UGH! decisions decisions.

Salem is 4. Can you believe she's 4? She's 4. She's been in PT for 6 months. Her foot turns in and she has low upper body strength. To help with her foot turning they want to put her in a leg brace. She thinks this could be proactive during winter and maybe by spring come out and see if that helps. Her upper body strength is better but her foot is still turning significantly.

Brian just got home from youth specialities - an amazing youth workers conference. In November he goes to hear John Maxwell!

Korie is 16 and cheering and wants her class ring like now.

working hard...Almost too much but this place is a great place for her to be when she graduates with her cosmetology license. Her grades are up. Oh she's getting braces in two weeks.

And besides being 100% ready to night wean I also have Type II Diabetes (on meds) and high cholesterol. My OB wanted me to wean on go on lipitor. I have an online friend whose DH is a cardiologist. He looked at my last 2 set of #'s and agrees I need meds but says I can wait a few months.

So I am night weaning right now. This is night 3. I nurse her while she's awake in the living room in the chair before bed and then Brian takes her to bed. We cosleep.

The first night was AWFUL. She nursed like crazy the entire next day. The next night was 100% better and tonight not one cry so far.

So in a week or two when that's set we'll start taking a session away here and there and try to get to morning and night and wean by late December or early January.

Of course I am a woman and my thoughts and ideas are subject to change but that's where we stand!

Me - scrapbooking and mommying. My house is a wreck. I have to clean!

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