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Unfaithful? NEVER!

2003-01-12 9:13 a.m.

We watched Unfaithful last night. I had been told it would be similar to Fatal Attraction. And in my opinion it was not. Me being the type to like dramatic action suspense intrigue felt that Unfaithful was a little dry. Maybe it was all the sex that kept me and Brian watching. Who knows. But at the end of the movie I felt sad for this "fictional couple". And I felt completely happy and at peace in my own relationship.

Brian and I have had our ups and downs. And our lives have been beyond stressful for such a long time. We keep thinking, next month things will level out. It will all be back to normal. But what is normal? I guess normal for us is to keep on trucking along. And sometimes I really don't want. Sometimes I just want to wrap Salem up in a blanket and just hold her close to me and pretend her problems don't exist. Geez - how can they exist when she coos and kicks and plays and nuzzles me on my bare chest.

And poor Brian he is so strong. He is my rock. He lets me be bossy about how things need to be done with Salem (I am trying to relax on this one), he lets me cry and get angry and he lets me even take it out on him occasionally. He is my rock. And that dumb woman Connie in that movie was just stupid. I keep thinking about what I feel our marriage lacks from time to time and even though a stupid movie got me to thinking about this - I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would NEVER do anything to risk the love that Brian and I share. NEVER. I am truly thankful for Brian.

He's my husband yes. But my bestfriend, lover and even a counselor of sorts. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown in 2002 without him. Let me show off a handsome pic of my DH at graduation a few weeks ago! I am SO proud of him.

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