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Heart Meds, Schedules & More

2003-01-10 8:35 a.m.

Salem's regular weight check and ped appointment went well yesterday. She was 10 '3' and we got the ok to stop waking her at night every three hours to eat.

I know some of you know I am not fond of schedules. A lot of it is just my own personal beliefs and my semi-crunchy ideas. I wanted to nurse and feed her on demand but we know how that worked out. Then with her weight gain issues we had to feed her every three hours but I still pretty much fed on demand i.e. if she was hungry she ate.

But yesterday she started her beta blocker for her heart condition and she has to have the med every 8 hours on schedule and with food.

And tonight she would NOT drink any milk - formula or BM. So I had to break out the feeding syringe. Sigh! So schedule here we come. At least a soft schedule of sorts. Considering the situation I don't know what else to do.

I am not a Ezzo fan and I don't plan to Ferberize her sleeping habits but I need HELP! ACCCCCCCCK.

Her geneticist appointment is April 1. Believe it or not they come to my town twice a year and since we couldn't get an appt before late March anyway we took the one in our town. Followup appts will have to be in the big city I am sure. Her next echo/ekg is on the 28th to see if the med is working and her 4 month appt is Feb 3. Can you believe she is almost 4 months?

And we gave her a little bit of cereal last night mixed with BM. I thought it was a little early but since I am not exclusively bfing the Dr. and I decided it would be ok to start with a teaspoon a day. We won't start foods for a while. She LOVED it. I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough.

Nothing is going as I had planned but I am happy with my girl. I wouldn't trade her for 3 babies without health problems. My love for her is perfect.

And I am SO thankful I don't have to work all day! YEAH! Thank you God.

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