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Power Pumping, A Reason To Be Tired & Brian The Dreamer

2003-01-13 9:45 p.m.

I've found a great resource for Pumping Moms. I know at times I've felt out of place cause I am not really nursing but I am determinded for Salem to get some mommy milk every day! Some days are better than others. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my pump. Today it's closer to the hate side considering I have a sorely cracked nipple - ouch!

This week I am power pumping - weird lingo meaning I am pumping more often than normal to get my supply up - in the afternoons and early evenings and so my nips are freaking out. But my Salem is so worth it all.

Well I have a ton to do and it's almost time to pump. I have bottles to wash and sterilize and laundry to do and you know what? As tired as I am I am so glad I have a reason to be so dog tired.

My DH is driving me crazy though. He is applying for jobs but he is thinking of starting a business and even though I know there is a potential to make a lot of money we aren't in the position for me to work part-time and for him to concentrate soley on starting a business. We just don't have enough money saved. He is such a dreamer and I am SO practical. We do balance each but sometimes I feel like I really get him down and I don't mean too. But we've trimmed the budget down as far as we can. He has to work and do the business if he wants the business. I told him in reality you can't start a business unless you have money saved to live on or are willing to work additionally to get it off the ground. But oh he's a dreamer. I do love that quality about him. Most of the time! :)

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