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I'm Ty?

2002-06-12 2:54 p.m.

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I'm Ty? I'm irresistable to housewives and teenage girls! LOL. I didn't think I was Ty! But at least I'm not Hildy or Doug!!! LOL.

Well it didn't take much to cheer me up. I felt my tummy bugs all night and had icecream and swam and then slept! Sigh! :) With three pillows. I stole one of Brian's!

Well I can't remember if I entried about getting disapproved for WIC. Well in case I didn't, a couple of months ago I applied and was denied cause we made $80 too much a month. I was discouraged cause everyone I know seemed to get approved. Anyway the lady there told me to apply for medicaid that they had different guidelines and could take off our mortgage, bills etc out of our income. I was like "yeah" right but did it. Plus I didn't think you could apply if you had insurance and I do. But you can.

So I applied. Like I said I have insurance and a decent income even though Brian is in school, so I pretty much geared myself up for being disapproved.

Well this morning I got approved. They will pay everything my insurance doesn't pay and now WIC has to approve me! Whoo Hoo!!! All I have to pay is my deductible ($300) and my copays for U/S and bloodwork! What a blessing.

And WIC is a blessing even for a women who is planning to nurse. So if you're pregnant check out both! It's definitely worth!

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