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Try and Stop Me

2002-06-11 4:58 p.m.

UGH. I feel obligated to write an entry cause when I don't it seems to precipitate me going several days without an entry! But all I have to say is this day SUCKS! BLECH.

My hands hurt, my ankles are swollen, work has been like !@#!@# and we lost the majority of the stipend Brian gets for youth pastoring! :(

And I guarantee I won't post belly pics again here in my diary. You should see my google hits and some are a LOT more perverted than simply typing in belly shots or pregnant bellies. So I will password protect them in a photo album and give the password out to those I want to. Once I have that ready I will post a link and if you want the password and I know you or you have a decent diarylink to refer you from I will give it out. People can be so disgusting.

So I am going home, going to go swimming, eat something REALLY fattening like Rocky Road Icecream and then going to bed! Try and stop me world!!!

One sweet note is that occasionally one of my tummy bugs will move and remind me what to be grateful for!!!

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