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Nothing Much - Regular Day

2002-06-13 12:36 p.m.

Well I took new belly pics! I want a CUTE CUTE belly like Baby-E but they aren't quite that cute! But I still LOVE looking at my pregnant tummy and feeling my tummy bugs move around.

But anyway like I was saying Brian took some pics the other morning. I felt pretty and pregnant rather than swollen and fat and I looked at the pics and they were HORRID! So I will take some more! LOL. Am I the only pregnant one that feels beautiful one moment and huge and ugly the next?

Anyway...I got my bumper pads in the mail today. I changed from the chambray to a bright yellow and the cribskirts will match. It's the yellow in the quilts so I think it will be so cute!

I am SUPER tired and Dr. T said that was normal. My feet and hands are real swollen but I don't have protein in my urine or a high BP so all is well!!! :) Of course I need a new pair of sandals already (too tight) but I guess I will just have to get them.

Brian wants to feel the babies move SO bad! LOL. About like I was the last few weeks. I told him as soon as I could feel it on the outside I would tell him.

This weekend I am going to DFW and going to a wedding, then shopping and then to a gathering of people I know from TW. It will probably be the last trip I make anytime soon!

And I guess that's it! I am going to get some water (I am trying to drink more water).

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