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Well this day SUCKED

2002-01-21 7:18 p.m.

Well today has just sucked ALL the way around. I got up at 4:30 AM to go to Arlington for today's ultrasound and bloodwork. UGH. Usually it's just a 30 minute or so appointment and then I turn around and drive 2 1/2 hours back and go to work. Well I had an older youth member go with me. Mainly for company. Well much to my dismay I needed more antagon. Well antagon doesn't grow on Abilene trees. About the only fertility med you can get here is profasi and clomid. But antagon? Dream on.

Well apparently it doesn't grow on Arlington or surrounding area trees either. So I had to go the other Dr.'s office in Irving. Which wouldn't be too bad but I had never made that drive alone. Well we made it and got the liquid gold (might as well be considering the price).

Then I had to get get on the dreaded 635 E and find my way back. Well I did so and without a map. This is really an accomplishment for me. I hate driving up there and I seldom do good without directions or landmarks. But I made it. Yee haw.

Then I got back to work. My moment of triumph was over. Worked just totally sucked. All in all. Then I left at 6 pm to find I had locked my keys in the car and left my lights on. Not just one but two whammys. Well my extra set of keys is inside in my office. And the building key is on my set in the car. CRAP. So Brian is in class and I had to go get him. He took it well. I didn't. t was almost enough to send me weeping.

So now I am home and venting and praying like crazy. I gotta relax. So enough griping for now.

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