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IVF Update 1-21

2002-01-21 5:30 p.m.

Ok my E2's are weird. Thurs last week it was 235. Saturday even though there wasn't much of a change in my follicles it dropped to 68 and today it was 335. They are glad it's at 335 and actually think there had to be something wrong with the lab calculation on Saturday.

I have 9 follicles on my left size ranging from 8's to 11's and 5 on my right from 11-15. So it's definitely the ones on my right that look more promising.

I will continue to do meds and antagon today and tomorrow and go back Wed for another check! Please say a prayer. It's been really nerve wracking!!!

Then I came back to work today - got here at almost 2 and it was a freaking disaster. I can just imagine what it will be like after a 3 day bedrest and even more so after a 8-10 week maternity leave if I don't get to stay-at-home (which is what we are trying to work out).

Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers in my guestbook! I really appreciate them.

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