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Day 2 - This Day Sucks Cont.

2002-01-22 10:03 a.m.

Well today hasn't started much better than yesterday. I am holding out hope though cause it's just 10 am!

I went to bed at 10:30 last night and vaguely remember Brian telling me I have to take him to drop off the car and the shop and then he will take me to work. Well I was half asleep. So this morning when we talked about it I tried to get him to let mom take him and he could drive her car (she had already agreed). But no! Geez. That would make TOO much sense. So I had to cancel a chiro appt and be late to an 8 am staff meeting cause I had to follow him to the shop and then let him take me to work!

And of course I am really not mad. It's these hormones right? That's what everything is being blamed on right now. And crap I know I am hormonal but I do have a legitimate excuse to be pissed off occasionally. But right now I am just whacked and nothing I say makes sense to anyone. Or at least that's what it's being blamed on.

It's really frustrating. Basically I feel like people are saying, oh don't mind Leah. She's all whacked out on hormones so nothing she says matters right now.

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