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Memorial Service Plans

2002-08-07 12:34 p.m.

I have a call into the crematorium to see what I need to do through them to plan everything for after the babies are born. All we've officially decided in regards to a memorial service is that we will cremate the baby and the find a silver engraved box to put the ashes in. And we've chosen one song - Glory Baby by Watermark.

Brian's dad is a minister too and he is going to officiate and we are thinking of having the entire service at home in the backyard since we are going to bury the box in our flower beds. Brian is going to have a cross built or a rock engraved. That's all his decision. So far that is all I can think of even though I know we need to work on it all some more. Brian said he would handle all the little details which I appreciate. The song Glory Baby is the biggest part to me. My sister is going to sing it and it really touched my heart. I am trying not to think about the rest.

We did have to totally change my birth plan to accomodate the csection, being able to nurse Salem ASAP and being able to see hold and take pics of the angel baby. I have to decide about an obituary but I am not sure that is necessary. We will put something like this on the birth announcements:

Happy Birthday Triplets of Mine

One on Earth and Two Divine

I am not exactly sure of the wording exactly.

Well I hate planning this but it has to be done.

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