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Misc - Trying to Catch Up

2002-08-05 2:01 a.m.

Hmmm so much to say - but I hate playing catch up so I may just run down the basics and try to better from now on. My life is too stressful right now but it's getting better. I've updated my pregnancy diary from my last appointments. I have another one tomorrow.

Brian is home! Yippee! No more Brazil. No more youth camp! And Korie went home today. I LOVE her to pieces but I am SO glad to have my privacy and my husband back to myself for a while.

Youth camp was an experience. For me even and I didn't go. It AMAZES me how many parent's are so helpless. I gave out detailed letters July 1 that stated what I need (forms, permission slips, insurance cards, immunizations, etc). I set the deadline 7 days before I had to mail them.

I only had 1 parent give me EVERYTHING on time. The morning they were getting ready to leave I still was tracking down 2 insurance cards. ACK!

And tax free weekend. Well I don't know if the $14 I saved this weekend was worth the hell of going to Walmart. Those people were insane. I am trapped in the underwear aisle. Someone is behind me and someone behind her and a man in front of me thumbin through a magazine.

Excuse me sir.

Excuse me.

Sir can you move please?

Well at this point I start to move his basket. He glares. I say - Well I did ask! The woman behind me laughs!

Then the checkout line. Every lane is open. So there are baskets and people EVERYWHERE. The people who check out before me decide to leave their basket. I can't move it. So I say can ya'll take your basket. The dad looks at me and walks off. The kids follow suit and the mom has to come back and move it. GRRRRR. Respect people.

And today I saw Signs! EXCELLENT movie. But I was worn out. Those seats are SO uncomfortable.

So now I am home - Brian is asleep - I have a Dr.'s appointment in a little over 6 hours and I need to sleep. Sigh! A girl can dream eh? But can she without sleep! GRRRR.

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