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I LOVE being pregnant...

2002-05-14 12:48 p.m.

I LOVE being pregnant! I do!!!! But...were you waiting for that? But there are two things I am having a hard time with.

Peeing! I have to pee all the blasted time. At work I will have sat in my chair for 2-3 hours and feel fine and get up to walk to my printer and I feel like I am about to wet my pants. So I go racewalking down the hall to make it to the restroom. And as of late I am getting up twice a night to pee.

And Carpal Tunnel. I've had a mild case of it that we've handled with meds etc. My mom had one hand done and my grandmother both. Well for the past week it's been horrendous. It wakes me up EVERY night. I have to get up and walk around and shake it off. And then this morning about 3 I woke up with my hand hurting so bad I never made it back asleep. Man it hurts.

I know that pregnancy exacerbates CTS. But the intensity of this caught me off guard. Brian's all freaked thinking I will need surgery immediately. I of course am thinking practially. I will NOT have surgery anytime soon after the babies are here. How on earth could I take care of one much less two babies with one hand? I will suffer. But according to what I read on the net a lot of it goes away after pregnancy. Let's hope so.

I have an OB appt on Thursday. Here are my questions.

1. I need braces for my hands (to sleep in)

2. Can I go to Mexico for 3 days in June (I doubt it but I will ask).

3. Am I RH-? When when I find out about group B Strep? I have a friend whose baby died due to this on another board. I won't risk it.

4. When do I go to biweekly appts? I think it's 24 weeks but I can't remember.

5. What's my blood type?

6. I want a U/S! :)

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