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2002-05-11 3:01 p.m.

Well I am a total idiot and I feel so stupid. In my rush to get Mother's Day cards out I accidentally sent a card to a woman who IVF was cancelled this week. All 6 embryos she had didn't even make it to transfer. This was her 3rd IVF. :( I feel so terrible.

Plus I am just feeling terrible in general. Not about me or the pregnancy. But I am more and more and more aware of how blessed and lucky we were to get pregnant on our first transfer. I have my own beliefs on the fact that we did a blast transfer. I also think the LArginine I took helped with egg quality and going to the chiro and doing accupuncture really helped. But it still breaks my heart every time someone does IVF and doens't graduate. Besides the one lady whose transfer was cancelled, 2 ladies at one board I visit had negative betas yesterday.

It's heartbreaking!

And you know what? I am getting a lot of flack about cloth diapering. Mainly from people who have had ZERO experience with it. And you know what else? The more they tell me I can't do it and that it will be too hard the more I am determinded that it will work! That's how stubborn I am!

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