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Sunday - January 19

2003-01-19 11:24 p.m.

Here is the link to the pics of her room. It's the same password as her other album which I will be uploading pics to today! So be sure to check them out!!!

WOW What an eventful few days. I am SO tired. Work is killing me this time of year with working part-time. But I will do it. It's only a week or so in January but in August and early September I will probably have to work extra hours. But that's ok. It's only a few weeks out of the year.

My house is clean after being a total disaster last week. Salem was real clingy. Thursday I ended up slinging her for 4 hours so I could get a few things done. And she was wide awake but content. She simply would not be put down.

We went to DFW this weekend and Salem and I met 2 mommies from an October group I've been with since January of 2002. It was great to meet them and see the three babies. They were all girls.

Then I had dinner with our friends from Tulips World, then I drove ALL the way. Salem was charming all day til she got home. Then she was a bear. It took forever to get her to sleep.

And today we finished Salem's nursery. She doesn't sleep nights in there (still upstairs with us in our bed) but she will take naps in there. It's gorgeous if I do say so!!!

And tonight Miss Salem got in her exersaucer for the first time. It was SO cute!!!! :)

Well that's my update. I will have more to share tomorrow hopefully.

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