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He drives me crazy!!!

2003-01-22 11:19 a.m.

I was beyond mad at Brian yesterday. Steaming! Frustrated. Almost screaming. And I hate it when I get like that. Brian is now taking Salem to the baby sitter in the morning because she takes one of her twins to a speech therapist every morning at 8 am. Her twins were born at 28 weeks I believe and the girl is about right developmentally but the boy is behind. Anyway she leaves at 7:50. Now that I am working part-time I can't really be late on a regular basis so Brian takes Salem.

So he takes her. And forgets her bottles. So instead of going straight home (we live like 2 minutes from this lady) he decided that since she won't eat again for about 3 hours (he forgets that we feed on demand and she could get hungry sooner) he will go to work and bring the bottle later. Well he does at 10 am. So she hasn't eaten since 7:30 am. I feed her before I go to work. So he gets there and NO ONE answers the door. So he puts the bottles in between the doors. And he doesn't have them in the a bottle bag with an ice pack to keep them from spoiling. And why would he leave without her answering the door with her van there and assume all was well? That's a question he still can't answer.

So he calls me at 11:20 and asks me for Katies #. I ask why? Oh I just want to check on Salem. So I give it to him and 10 minutes later he calls back cause he can't get anyone to answer the phone and he finally confesses the mornings happenings.

Of course I FREAK OUT! It was a huge freak out mommy moment. HUGE. I tear out of here leaving Brian on the phone telling me he will go check on her in 20 minutes? 20 minutes? I am less than 5 minutes from there. So I run out of here with my headset still on - my student workers and co-worker watching me run in panic.

All the way there I think of all the horrible things that could have happened. Katie (the sitter) could have fallen and hit her head and be passed out was one. And the rest of my thoughts are too horrid to mention. I am in tears by the time I get there.

I don't even knock - I just open the back door. Katie is chasing her girl twin all over the house - she is naked and will NOT put clothes on. Another little girl (her niece I think) is SCREAMING bloody murder and there Salem is in the floor on her mat smiling and playing with her hands. The phone had gotten knocked off the hook but during her stressful morning she had fed Salem. By the time she made it to the door when Brian knocked he was already at the stop sign down the street.

So I bend over to see Salem and she smiles this gorgeous I LOVE you mommy smile (at least that's how I interpret it) and all is well.

Of course I am still furious with Brian - at least on some level. I can't imagine him waiting so long to tell me and the mere fact that he didn't seem as worried til so much later in the morning.

Well later last night I am MUCH calmer - still mad but calm. He had a meeting at 7 with the local detention center ministry and it's supposed to be over at 8 pm. He tends to talk a lot after so I say can you come home soon so I can go to Geoffreys to buy Salem a symphony in motion mobile (these are wonderful btw) cause I have a gift card and an exchange to make and I can get in and out quicker without Salem. Plus it's cold.

He says sure. But what time does he get home??? 10 minutes til 9. So he rushes in and says ok I'm home. How long will you be gone? UGH! They close at 9!

Are all men like this? Ugh! I have a wonderful man! I LOVE him completely. But I swear he drives me up the freaking wall on days like today.

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