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Quit Touching My Baby

2003-01-15 2:01 p.m.

I forgot to share what happened to me at Olive Garden last Thursday night. We were there with a friend who was on a short leave from a year stint in Korea. Salem was CHARMING. Literally so the waitress was all over her. Kept touching her hands and cheeks. It was driving me crazy. So when the waitress would leave the table I would wipe her hands with sanitizer.

I mean geez this woman was picking up plates and dirty glasses with who knows what kinda of dirty saliva germs on them. I am not normally quite this anal but she was driving me nuts. I could barely enjoy eating.

Well Brian was later feeding Salem and then tried to burp her and she was being her normal stubborn self in not wanting to burp and fussing slightly - not crying just grunting. So the waitress tries to take her from Brian to show him how to burp her.

I thought I was going to go through the roof. Our dinner companion was laughing behind a glass of water cause he knows me SO well. And I opened my mouth (and I doubt I would have been nice) but before I could say a word Brian in his non chalant "every body loves Brian even if he tells me I'm scum" type of way just moves Salem out of her reach and says thanks but I've got it.

The lady just shrugged her shoulders, smiled and walked away. Now Brian oof course thinks to do something like that. I thought to get mad and let the lady have it! LOL. But geez. You would think people would have some common sense. GRRRRRRR.

Is it just me or would this drive you crazy? I am not anal about people who know me holding her but I still have them use sanitizer. We've already had one RSV scare. But complete strangers touching her face and hands and trying to pick her up just drives me up the freaking wall.

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