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If Only

2002-07-23 1:51 a.m.

Brian will be home on Wed! :) I am so happy and relieved. I miss him so much. I haven't accomplished much in the past 14 days but I am determined to get a grip and get things together. I've spent the day finishing preparations for the youth group to go to camp next week and just now packaged up 5 baby gifts (all the babys were born in June). I feel terrible for being behind but I am getting it together. I have spent the last 20 minutes making a HUGE list of things to do - baby wise and house wise.

I am going to call Quida tomorrow (a counselor I once went to) and see if she takes my insurance or medicaid. We will see. I do not relish trying to get to know someone else. She knows my history. She's the only one besides Brian who does. I just don't want to start over.

Other than that all I can say is life goes on. I want it to but a part of me is clinging to June 17th (the day before we found out the other baby died). If only...

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