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It's not fair

2002-07-23 11:32 p.m.

I just realized I may have to go back to work for a few months. :( I am so upset. I went by work today to fill out my sick leave form. Now granted if I run out they said I would still get paid. But I mentally figured up how many hours I have and I will be out of time in late October of early November. Even if I have her at 37 weeks I would have to go back to work after 6 weeks to get a paycheck without being on partial disability (not full pay). The original plan was to work part-time with the twins til mid August then part time til 35 weeks and then take off through our 2 week Christmas break.

Brian graduates Christmas and the goal was to put in my notice after. Now I am the only breadwinner when Brian goes back to school in the fall (only 12 more hours) so I may have to work. :( I don't want to.

I am going to wait and see but maybe I can talk them into letting me work part time to cover what the disability doesn't. I don't know. I know at most it's 3 months but still. It's just not fair on top of everything else.

The good news is Brian is on his way home. His plane took off from Rio a couple of hours ago. I will see him late tomorrow afternoon or early evening. I can't wait.

Other than stressing over work, today has been a nice day. I actually have felt motivated today in ways I never have lately. I feel refreshed. I am still hurting and sad but I guess in a way I need to start picking up the pieces.

I have 4 projects lined out - working on my angels memorial service, working on new TW graphics and updating my baby website, making curtains for Salem's room, and working on baby announcements. Oh and organizing the nursery. Brian has to finish the molding and windows and the rest is up to me. So I really have a lot to do in between resting and staying off my feet.

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