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Playing Catchup

2003-03-29 5:46 p.m.

Ah sweet journal will I ever know what it's like to update regularly?

What's been going on? Well I am going to post several entries in an effort to catch up. This is the general catchup entry.

About Brian's job search...the man is driving me NUTS. But I love him and I know he has a good heart. What he has decided to do is landscaping and lawn service. See the entire time he's been in school he's always done yards. Well lately his REGULAR yard people have had him doing minor landscaping. Then this one lady recently had him do a $4200 job. About $1800 profit. Well Brian's boss decided that was a conflict of interest and told Brian he could stay with him ($10 an hour 30 hours a week yeah right)or do the landscaping thing solo. So Brian's last day was Friday.

With his yards it will bring in about half of what we need and with landscaping we are hoping this brings in the other amount that I can budget over several months. He has a friend who is putting an ad in the Thrifty Nickel for free and we're paying $80 for an ad in the phone book. And he has one account that is a graphic designer that is trading him products like signs, cards, magnet cards, shirts etc. So we have advertising.

This means Salem will not have to go to the sitter starting in April. He will stay home with her til 1, I will come home from work and he will work everyday and on Sat. This also means she can be in cloth fulltime and so we save the sitter money and diaper money.

We only have one big payment (house). Student loans have been consolidated, refinanced and deferred (just paying interest). We have some savings so basically we'll give it a few months and see.

I am TERRIFIED to do this but I guess I just have to bite the bullet and do it cause it's really what he wants to do.

OK Salem is waking so I only have time to post this entry but check back today and tomorrow cause I have a LOT to write about.

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