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What's New With Salem 3-29-03

2003-03-29 9:53 p.m.

What's new with Salem? Gosh she's simply incredible. She's so vocal. She wakes up every morning - usually gently kicking me! LOL. And when I open my eyes she's just smiling. We talk a minute and then Dad takes her downstairs. The mornings is his time!

I pick her up at 1 pm (I will be glad that she can stay home with Dad in the mornings starting next week). We come home, eat, change into a cloth dipe and play. Serious playtime. I love to talk to her, hear her respond to me and so much more. She's not quite laughing yet but SO funny in her vocal expressions.

She's REALLY tickleous around her neck. She rolled over this week on Tuesday the 24th. Like 5 times right in a roll. Now she does it a lot but then gets SO mad when she can't get back over.

Her favorite toy right now is the catepillar Auntie Kim got her. I got her a lamaze toy today - the rings. She's semi interested in them. We'll see.

She goes to see the geneticist and cardiologist on April 1st - the day she turns 6 months old. I am nervous about it but at the same time ready to get the appointments over with.

She's also drinking water (with one of her meds) from an Avent sippy cup! My big girl! There's a pic of that and many more in her photo album. If I know of you and you need the password email me!

I also stopped pumping. I just couldn't do it anymore. This was back in the end of Feb. I think if Salem even nursed just a little I would be able to keep it up but it was killing me. And I literally dreaded it. I would pump every hour from 2-6 for 10 minutes then twice more before bed and then once in the middle of the night 2x's a week.

So I almost made it 5 months. I kinda feel bad for stopping but I literally hated it. I just recently ran out of frozen EBM so we almost made it a total of 6 months.

And what else? She simply is wonderful. Motherhood is everything I ever dreamed of and more. I love the way she smiles at me. The way she cuddles in to me, the way she puts her hand down my shirt when I carry her. The way she cuddles next to me in bed at night. The way her eyes light up when her daddy walks into a room.


It's amazing. I am going to try to do a "What's New With Salem" entry everyweek! You readers out there help stay on top of me about this ok?

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