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Belly Shot & Shopping

2002-04-29 9:15 a.m.

****I took down my belly shots page until I can make sure the no google code works. I am in the middle of creating a password protected album and will put them there and then look to it and give the password to who I want to.****

Well I can't believe I am going to post this but here I am stretchmarks and all. :) I will start my 16th week on this wed. Remember I have twins! That explains why I am SO big!

NowI've got to get a belly pic page for my pregnancy site! :) But that will come.

Friday night we went to Lowe's and got paint for the baby's room (tangerine for the bottom), canary yellow for the molding and ultra white. We bought crown molding (to stay matching the rest of the house) and even a few wooden shelfs to hang up.

Then Sat I finally managed to get a bra. But not a maternity one. The largest my town had was a 42 D. Too little. So I bought a 44 DDD for now and got a bra extender and will have to get a maternity bra online. Grrr. What a PITA. I also bought a pair of sandals, one outfit and two tops. I had fun but my feet sure hurt when it was over.

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