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100 Things About Me

2002-04-26 5:03 p.m.

100 Things About Me

We did this on a pregnancy board I post at. Since I had nothing else to say...I added it here! :)

1.My full name is Leah Michelle H.

2.I am the oldest

3.I can be bossy

4.This is my 2nd pregnancy - I mc'ed in 92

5.I am having twins and have an 11 year old stepdaughter

6.I have been married 4 years

7.My DH is the love of my love

8.Along with my three furbabies, Zoe, Luci and Cali

9.I am in my 15th week and meassuring one week ahead

10. I was right under 195 before I got pregnant

11. My weight doesnít bother me right now

12. It will when the baby arrives

13. So I am going to do something about it - Weight Watchers while nursing

14. My husband is 3 years younger than me

15. He is a chef

16. He treats me like he adores me

17. I am his 2nd wife

18. We are christians

19. And have been for 7 & 6 years respectively

20. He is about to graduate college

21. I lost a triplet in this pregnancy

22. His daughter is spoiled by her mom but deals well when she's with us

23. I hope she grows out of it

24. She lives with her mom

25. I have been with my husband for 7 years

26. We are SO in love

27. He is my best friend

28. I am his lover friend and confidant

29. We have the house of our dreams

30. I HATE infertility

31.Upon my death, I will be cremated

32. I have a degree in computer programming

33. But I do help desk technical support and email/network administration

34. Iím very analytical

35. I like to scrapbook

36. I am going to be a SAHM

37. I will need to find an income from home

38. I have had 4 u/s with this pregnancy

39. I can't wait til we find the sexes out

40. Sometimes I still can't believe I am pregnant

41. I drive a Mits Galant

42. I have 3 cats

43. My mom had 2 mc's

44. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, Brian has an adopted brother and sister and 2 stepbrothers and 1 stepsister

45. I have 2 sisters (1 real, deceased & 1 step)

46. I donít know my real father

47. He disappeared

48. He was declared legally dead when I was around 11

49. I always missed having a dad

50. Even though I was told he was a horrible man

51. I get angry and frustrated quick but get over it quick

52. I have very sensitive feelings but don't always show it

53. I collect lambs and snowmen (way before it was trendy to collect snowmen)

54. I LOVE Star Wars

55. Can't wait for the new one

56. I LOVE my job but can't wait to be a SAHM

57. I can't wait to nurse

58.I live in Texas

59.I am scared of storms, being alone and keeping my windows and doors unlocked

60.I often dream but never remember them

61.I used to have nightmares

62.I haven't had on in 3 years

63.I want to have a boy and a girl!

64.I can't wait til I can get in the pool

65. In the meantime I will stay on line

66.Everyone tells me they think I am having 2 boys

67.I don't care! It took so long I am just happy to be pregnant

68.I am scared I won't be able to handle twins

69.I believe in God and Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of my life

70.I go to church

71.My husband is a youth pastor

72.I help him occasionally

73.I have issues about my childhood that I continually work through

74.I used to cry all the time but now I do better!

75.I used to suffer from situational depression - major episodes

76.We are decorating the nursery

77.It will be so cute

78.We did IVF

79.I LOVE my Re's

80.I LOVE plants

81.I want to homeschool for a few years

82.I want to cloth dipe but not sure DH will go for it

83.I don't want to circumcise

84.I LOVE Friends and ER

85.I am addicted to the internet and movies

86.I love to watch movies

87.The last new movie I saw was Panic Room

88.I need to make amends with my ex-dh

89.Sometimes I just want to go to sleep and forget it all

90.I donít like strangers to hug or touch me

91.I LOVE looking at my husband when he's not watching

92.I wish for his and her sake my stepdaughter lived here

93.I am glad I am finally at peace and happy in my life in general

94.I love spicy mexican food

95.I don't watch soaps

96.I am a doer for the most part

97.I love my tulips world board

98.I LOVE the friends I have made online. I don't have many IRL

99.I will be slender one day

100.I am a pisces but could care less about astrology

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