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Vent About Jewelry Party & The Swimsuit Debacle

2002-05-01 11:57 a.m.

"Oh was your party today? I am SO sorry I forgot!" Grrrrr.

I had a jewelry party last night. Really nice jewelry - Premier Designs. Nice stuff - I REALLY like the silver items. And not too pricey. So I have a party. Invited over 35 people. Sounds like a lot. Well 9 RSVPed that they couldn't come, 4 placed orders and only my mom and grandmother showed. Geez - did you even read the line that says please RSVP?

It seems petty to get aggravated but I cleaned my house, made great snacks, sent out invitations 10 days in advance and then 2 email reminders.

And now today I have 4 emails - Oh I missed the party, blah blah blah. So now they want books but I have to deliver them. What a PITA. I try to go to parties (especially tupperware) cause they have nice things and I like to help others get free stuff. You can always get something small. But if I don't go I at least RSVP.

Oh and I don't think I mentioned my swimsuit debacle. GRRR! I am about an 18-20. Well when we had triplets I was trying to figure out how big of a swimsuit to get. We have a pool and I plan to be in it a lot this summer. Well I read that the average triplet mommy gains 60 pounds. So I though 10-12 pounds is a dress size usually right? So that would be about 7 sizes so how about I bid on this new Lane Bryant swimsuit on Ebay with the tags and liner still on it? It's a 30. I won the auction and only paid $16. Whoo Hoo!

Until I got it 3 days before we knew we didn't have but 2. I tried it on and Brian walked in the room. He died laughing. The chest came down to my navel and the skirt was past my knees. He said I would have to have 6 babies to fill that thing out!

You should have seen me! Now I've wasted $16 and still need to get a swimsuit! LOL. I will try to resell it I guess.

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