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Baby Names

2005-01-05 4:34 p.m.

Some online friends and I've been talking about baby names all day so I thought I would share. For a girl we like Rayna, Micah, Reese, Aislinn (pronounced Acelyn), Saige or Shayne. Brian really likes Harley but I am just not sure.

For a boy we will argue. I really want Wyatt which is my maiden name and my family line dies with me. So it's special. He won't consider it. Honestly if we are having a boy I will fight for Wyatt. It really means a lot to me and it's a great name. It's not like it's something way out there. But it's not worth the argument right now when we don't even know yet (hopefully in a couple of weeks). He said it sounds like a gun fighter!

Salem would have been Caden if a boy but now that is SO popular in our area. My mom has 5 Cadens (various spellings) under 2!

It's funny - with Salem I suggested it at 3 months for one of the girls (she had an identical originally) and he immediately agreed.

BTW these insulin shots are easy! They don't burn like Follistim - Or welt like Repronex and Antagon - And they don't hurt like hell like PIO!

Very anticlimatic actually! I've did it myself this morning!

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