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I The Baby & Thoughts on Motherhood

2005-01-06 3:17 p.m.

I've been telling Salem she's going to be a big sister like Korie and there is a baby in mommy's tummy. She really doesn't have much understanding but will usually say yes or no depending on her mood and sometimes say kiss and kiss my tummy!

Well recently I said, "Do you want to kiss the baby in mommy's tummy?"

She said, "No I the baby!!!" And she was very adamant! I cracked up laughing!

On a board I visit someone recently asked us to name 3 things you MOST enjoy about motherhood and 3 things you LEAST enjoy about motherhood. I thought I would share that here.

What I like most:

1. The intense overpowering love I feel for her and the feeling of love I get back. It's just completely beautiful. Perfect really.

2. I love being given the gift to nurture her and help her find her place in love. That can be overwhelming as well.

3. I love getting to be a kid and enjoy life to the fullest with Salem. I never slowed down to enjoy life. Now I appreciate how precious and short life really is.

What I like least:

1. Some of the medical issues I have to deal with re: Salem - they worry me so. I worry about her future etc. The worry can be intense. But I am glad I am her mother no matter what. I just get weary dealing with the constant issues with constipation, medicine, echos, etc. I just remind myself how blessed we are and how much worse it could be and that checks me.

2. Sometimes I really wish I were much younger. I feel very old some days when I've been running and playing with a very active toddler. But I LOVE it.

3. I really get aggravated inside that I can't always do what I want when I want to. That secret selfish part inside me still lives. Most times it's ok but occasionally it's hard not to be resentful.

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