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Salem's Christmas 2004

2005-01-03 11:29 p.m.

Christmas Eve Salem was the belle of the ball! She was a little princess and handed out all the gifts to people. Then she tore into hers. Too cute! Then Christmas Day morning she didn't want to wake up (she was up til 11 on Christmas Eve). LOL. Korie was dying to open presents. So we took Salem downstairs at 9 and she hid in my chest and drank her milk while Dad opened her gifts for her! Til he took the blanket off the powerwheel! She hasn't left it since. She also go a cheapy toy cell phone and has figured out how to drive and hold it between her ear and neck! ACK! LOL. Man these kids pay WAY Too much attention!

She got a lot of fun presents but not too much junk thankfully!

Aquadoodle - Grandparents
Play Phone - Grandmother
Jammies - My mom
Dora Video - SIL
Dora Bath Stuff - My Sister

From us she got:

PowerWheel (Santa)
Aquadoodle Stamps/Pens
Little People
My Little Pony - But Disney Version
Puzzles - I bought last year but forgot to give her! LOL.
In her stocking she got - Viewmaster, toy cell phone, rice krispie treats, candy cane, pixie stick, m&m's and bath toy.

She still has presents coming from Brian's brother. Weird - Brian's sister bought Korie a present but not Salem. I am glad she wasn't old enough to understand.

I have another entry for today and be sure to read the update in my pregnancy journal!

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