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Salem Update - 3/9/04

2004-03-09 5:11 p.m.

Time for a Salem update!!! She really is such a blast to be around lately! She LOVES to dance. She literally runs to the TV until any music comes on to dance but especially loves the themes to Law and Order, Friends and Trading Spaces. I think we watch WAY too much of those three shows. She will even dance in stores to the piped in music she hears!

She is really doing wonderfully. She's loveable and comes and gives us kisses out of the blue and when we reach down for another one she laughs and takes off.

She's a tad destructive lately so we've had to put up some books that she could tear but she plays with her books and "reads" them constantly. And she loves to go outside. Even when it's cold. We also bought her a toy she can ride on and she loves it when we push her around and she loves to go fast. When we don't do it she can get it to move. It's just slower! LOL.

She's still tiny but a tad over 19 pounds now. We bought her a stethoscope in hopes it would ease her fears of the Dr. but so far she won't have much to do with it.

She's still mainly in 12 month clothing and size 3 shoes but will move up to 4's soon. We use cloth diapers and she is still in mediums but in the disposables we used on the cruise we used Huggies size 3.

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