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My Take On The Passion Of The Christ

2004-03-10 10:18 p.m.

I saw the Passion of the Christ on Sunday. I still feel so overwhelmed. I can't say I "enjoyed" it but I am glad I saw it. I feel sad. Cause as a Christian I knew all this but I've been lax in my personal relationship with God and Christ. I've still be ministering at church and trying to help have a Godly home but I had kinda gotten lukewarm with my one on one God time. All that sacrifice Christ made for me and I have gotten caught up in life and haven't sacrificed time for him. It put me in my place actually. It was very hard to watch. I actually couldn't watch the nail scenes and the later part of the scourging.

My heart broke watching Mary watch her son died. It was heart wrenching. I still am overwhelmed so I doubt I am very articulate. My DH saw it last week and we've been talking about it and I can't talk much without crying. I am sure it will take several days to process. But I am glad I saw it.

And it was violent. But Christ died a violent death. The bible even says he was "unrecognizable". I think if that had been down-played it would almost have been sacrilegious.

I don't see why Hollywood and the media was so hyped about the violence. Slasher movies and some cop/actions movies are just as bad if not worst and to be honest I have to admit I like cop/action movies.

Also - my theatre had a sign up that said as due to graphic violence The Passion of the Christ's R rating would be strictly enforced. Which is fine. It should be. But it kind of angered me cause I never see a sign such as that for other violent movies.

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