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Baby Faire, Freebies, Van & SW

2002-05-20 11:56 a.m.

WOW it was a busy weekend but fun. Friday night Brian and the youth started work on painting the youth room. It's going to look so good. I may get industrious this summer and try to sew slip covers for the couches. Hildy on TS makes it look SO easy.

Sat morning we got up early and went to the local mexican place and got burritos and menudo (I can't handle menudo right now so Brian got it). It was SO good. And it only upset my tummy a little bit. I was happy for that.

We got to our friends and got her twin girls loaded up and to the Baby Faire by noonish I think. If you are pregnant or have a young baby and you have a baby faire near you you should go.

The lines were long and I have NEVER seen that many strollers, babies and pregnant women in my life. LOL. I counted twelve sets of twins and one set of identical triplet girls. They were adorable. For a moment I got wistful.

I got TONS of freebies. A lot of formula which I am hoping to exclusively BF so maybe I can give it away later. But I am keeping it for now because I would rather BF and supplement with forumla than not BF at all.

It was definitely worth it. And my friend gave me TONS of stuff. Carriers, burp rags, bibs, blankets, maternity clothes, etc. Our little Honda Accord was packed to the brim.

They have a Chrysler Town & Country and I really like it. We are looking at getting a van next Spring. It had bucket seats on the second row. I like that. The babies will have their own space. The Dodge Caravan is similar.

And let me say my friend was right. Yoda totally kicked butt in SW! It was phenomenal. I loved the history on Boba Fett. I am already to go see it again.

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