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New Dipes, Bad Day, But YEAH For Star Wars

2002-05-17 5:14 p.m.

OK I ordered some of my first dipes! :) I spent my baby budget this month on them. I got 2 diaperaps covers and 10 BRAND NEW Kooshies Ultra AIO's. So I am happy. :) I will spend more next month and the next on prefolds probably. My Nan and I are going to work in June on taking a part a cover and making a pattern to make some (depending on the material we need) and to make doublers and all. :) I'm excited. The Kooshies patterns are cute. I would never have paid the new price for them. On ebay they went well.

Well besides my dipes this has been a crappy day both personally and at work. So I am ready to go home. I will be in Dallas tomorrow for the American Baby Faire and then spend a night with a friend.

Then Sunday is church and volleyball with the youth and then StarWars!!! YEEHAW!!! I absolutely cannot wait. A friend says Yoda absolutely kicks a$$ in this movie! :)

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