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2002-05-23 10:36 a.m.

Well my hands are killing me so that's why I am not typing as much. I've been wearing the braces (sleeping in both and wearing the one on my left hand during the day) and it's helping.

I was 18 weeks yesterday! YEE HAW!!! :) I am SO excited. So far I have made my self made milestones.

1. Get Pregnant! LOL.

2. Great beta results.

3. See the heartbeats.

4. Hear the heartbeats.

5. Wear maternity cloths.

Now I am waiting on:

6. Feeling them move. It could be anytime between now and week 21 for first time mommies my Dr. said.

7. Making it to viability.

WOW I am about halfway there since the average twin gestation is 37 weeks or less. I can't believe sometimes I am really pregnant.

I got my first cloth diaper cover in the mail yesterday. It's so small and a pale yellow and just a plain diaperap but it's SO cute. :) I can't wait to start getting the rest. I have a dozen 4x6x4 prefolds coming and need to get 2-3 dozen more but will probably get the 4x8x4 size. I also have 10 Kushies coming and 3 snap to fits. My goal is to have 14 covers for each baby.

My house is a freakin disaster. We had everything that goes into the babies room in Korie's room. Well we have the babies room painted and the molding up (the crown). Now we need to work on the floor and get the moon molding down at the bottom and get a new light fixture for the ceiling fan. Sorry Laurie (from trading spaces) but the fan STAYS. It's Texas. We need it. I don't get why they are always taking them down anyway. Anyway - back on topic. Well Korie's room had to be emptied because Brian's dad is bringing Korie a brass bed tonight. So all the stuff in her room is in the hallway and the downstairs bath and in her closet and the babies closet. It really is terrible.

I may go to Mexico in mid June with Brian and the youth for a 3 day mission trip. We will stay in Edinburg (on the border) and only go into Mexico for one day. My Dr. so far sees no reason not to go. But by early to mid July I will NOT be going anywhere more than 60 miles away. And in Texas at least where I live that is NO WHERE. :)

Hmmm so what else? I am tired a lot but doing well and I just can't think of anything else to say. Oh except that Fear Factor is DISGUSTING! We watched it for the first time on Monday. Pig Rectum?

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