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Wednesday May 28, 2003

2003-05-28 11:07 p.m.

I still can't get Salem to eat a lot of pureed baby food but if she can hold it she will eat it. So I still have her eat some cereal mixed with fruit or sweet potatoes every day. Otherwise she has expanded to string cheese, carrots, green beans, bread, bananas, gerber meat sticks, and anything like that she can hold. It's helped a lot.

She's trying so hard to crawl. She can almost get on her knees. She tends to get on her toes. And her little legs are so stiff. LOL. She hasn't figured out how to put her knees down. But she does still scooch backwards and turn in circles. Too funny!

This weekend we went to Brian's grandmother who has a chiauah (sp?). The dog was SO hyper when we first walked through the door that it scared Salem and then she started laughing. She's always laughed but not this out and out cackle. It was so funny! She did the same thing at McDonald's when she saw a French Fry chair.

She almost always during the day wants to hold her bottle. **Sigh** She still lets us cuddle her at night and in the morning with it but that's it.

On my personal side - I am swamped. Lotsa loose ends to tie before I quit. I got Brian's student loans consolidated and deferred tonight. Now I have to make arrangements on my retirement. I already have my flex taken care of.

Brian is doing well with the new church. I am not super involved yet but will be as Salem gets bigger. I go on Sundays. They don't have a Wed service per say. That's the night they go out and feed the homeless.

I think we may go to the Grand Canyon in August for vacation! Yippee. And Salem and I are going to Baltimore in about 2 weeks for a huge get together of ladies I have known online for about 3 years. We all went through infertility together. I am SO excited. Brian offered to let Salem stay home with him! Ugh I don't think so! LOL.

Just FYI - If you want to be a Jesus-Freak and were denied check out this link. If I read your diary and can't even tell if you believe in God and Jesus then you probably won't be accepted. I am not so hard core that I expect everyone to talk about God all the time. It has nothing to do with judging your relationship with God. But some semblance of your faith should be shown in the diary. If you were denied otherwise it may be because your diary is locked or because it's not been updated after an extended amount of time. I think I have almost all newbies read but 4 and I am going through the older ones to look for expired diaries.

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