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Update - June 2, 2003

2003-06-02 11:26 a.m.

If lay Salem down on the floor she will turn on her tummy and scootch. She can get anywhere that way even though she can only scootch backwards. She does't like to turn from her tummy to her back though but she has done it a couple of times. And she's trying so hard to crawl. She gets on her knees in a crawling position and can't. She has gotten up a few times but it doesn't last but a second or so. She can get on her toes but doesn't bend her knees. She gets so frustrated.

We are mainly on table foods too. I can't get her to eat much pureed baby foods and she likes to self feed. Basically we do green beans, carrots, cheese, bread, some other fruit like apple slices and bits of ham or turkey. I am going to get some more fruit and see if I can find other veggies she might can self feed. She will eat a little of the spoon but not much.

We have an appt with the cardiologist tomorrow. Please pray things are still looking good!

Well on the personal front I am just tired. Brian has this huge ministry thing this week and isn't even at home at night. He will be gone through Wed.

I have a lot I want to do in the next three weeks before Korie gets here. But Brian's been too busy to help. Sigh. Hopefully he can help me soon.

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