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Wednesday 9-25

2002-09-26 2:13 a.m.

If you've been keeping up with my pregnancy diary you already know this but after 5 days in the hospital I am home. At last Wed's appt my BP spiked high - I think it was 154/108 in the Dr.'s office and wouldn't go down after an hour in the Dr.'s office so I was admitted.

It stayed high through the weekend. After getting it under control on Sunday they let me go home today. It spikes even when I sit up so I am on strict bedrest after being diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension. I am only supposed to get up to eat and used the restroom. I go back to the Dr. on Wed - 36 weeks.

Brian is going to try to move the computer where I can get on from the couch. I am 36 weeks on the 25th and now our goal is 37 weeks. Since my blood pressure seems to be stabilizing we aren't going to induce thankfully. Only if it spikes again or if I gain more fluid. So far I haven't gained much more fluid.

But the bedrest is strict. So I won't be able to make as many entries until I am released from bedrest or give birth.

I am making it by watching TV. BTW let me just say daytime tv SUCKS. Also I am reading, writing thank you notes and sleeping a LOT.

Anyway that's it. If I don't post here much click on over to my pregnancy site to see if there is an update.

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