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Sunday 9-29

2002-09-30 2:18 a.m.

Well bedrest sucks. But at least I am on the end run. But it does suck. Yesterday we had carpet installed. I didn't think those guys would ever get down. They took 8 hours to install carpet in the den, hallway and baby's room. I wanted to refinish the floors but it would cost twice as much as old as the house is with the replacement pieces. So we bought some really nice burber carpet with thick padding. I am pleased with it.

Then Brian took me to dinner at Red Lobster. Our last date night before the baby is born. I could barely fit in the booth. I wish I were joking! Sigh.

So now we're just waiting. I want her to be born healthy but I am SO uncomfortable and miserable really I kinda hope tomorrow he is willing to induce me. To be honest I never thought I would say those words. :(

I am psyched that I found a camcorder battery online for the camera my sister gave me. It was less than $30. :)

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