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Salem Update - 7/7/2003

2003-07-07 11:41 a.m.

Ugh! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I updated! :( I hate it when I allow that to happen. So in an effort to get caught up I will have several entries cause I like the different topics separated. But it might take me a couple of days to get them all in.

The trip to Baltimore went relatively well. She was pretty charming the way there. She slept the first hour and a half and woke happy. She ate and played. Dropped countless toys and ripped the paper in the magazines. And I was so thankful the guy next to us was baby friendly cause she LOVED the color of his shirt and kept trying to grab it.

But she pooped twice and we were in yucky disposables. So we made the trip to the restroom and she hated that little changing table. The second one was about 20 minutes before landing so we couldn't get up and she was quite stinky. Her cloth seems to hold the odor a bit better than the Huggies we used.

She did great in the airport. I used my hip hammock which was a mistake cause I had to take her out to get searched and then she wouldn't go back in it.

Hint - NEVER go to an airport without a stroller. BIG mistake. HUGE. Even a little bit like Salem gets heavy and wants down.

She was VERY clingy while there. VERY. All over me and wouldn't let me hardly move without her. But it was fun. Click on this link to see a cute video of her playing with one of the other babies there. She is the babe in yellow!

The way back was a lot harder. She was asleep when we got on the plane but woke during take off. She was very irritable. She didn't scream and throw a fit but she wasn't happy. And she wanted down. The last 45 minutes of the flight she cried.

Then we got off the plane and she flirted with EVERYONE on the shuttle to the parking lot. I thought we had avoided a crying jag but alas she cried the whole way to my friends house and for an hour an a half afterwards.

Sigh! It took a couple of days to get her acclimated back home. It was a wonderful trip but a little too much for her.

Salem is still lurching and scootching everywhere. I keep saying she's about to take off and crawl but I've been saying that for a month!

She's eating food a little better. For lunch she tends to have shredded cheese and green beans or carrots. I bought some cottage cheese and she loves it.

I think we're going to try mac and cheese today and I got some turkey and she loves it.

She is really babbling and VERY loud. She's also a little daredevil. When we're holding she swings her self back and wants you to bring her up and ask soon as you bring her up she does it again! She's fearless!

She also waves hi when we wave with her and we've just started other sign language.

So that's Salem's update. There are a few new pics in her May-June Album.

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