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Tuesday - June 10

2003-06-10 11:03 a.m.

Salem is doing great. Nothing major happening - still scootching and trying to crawl and getting frustrated when she can't! But she is becoming a major daddy's girl. She fussed off and on Sat after sleeping badly and teething and her daddy came home that night and she was all smiles and grins. GRRR!

She's eating the same but has decided she likes turkey. I use the fresh turkey I buy for sandwiches and tear it into small bites. I gave her a small pickle yesterday and she didn't like that at all. But at least she tried it. She wouldn't try avocado AT ALL!

This Friday we have our first plane trip! She and I will be going to a huge get together in Maryland with an IRL friend to meet some ladies and babies we've posted together on an Infertility-Parenting website. I think there are 10 ladies and lots of babies! It should be a blast.

I actually met my friend on that site back in late 1999. Since then we've been to each other's houses, spent the night, been to the same IVF doctor and she's even given me a shot! That's friendship I tell ya when they give you a shot.

What else...Brian is driving me nuts. Can you believe he actually left Salem in the car at Lowe's on Sunday? And it was in the 90's. I simply cannot fathom why/how he could leave her. Granted he went in to the store stopped at the service desk and within 2 minutes threw his palm and cell on the desk and said I'll be right back. He said he flew out to the car in a panic and she was sitting there smiling at the little old man that was talking to her through the window! Thankfully it wasn't longer due to the heat and the fact that normally she starts screaming if you don't get her out of the seat when the car stops. And he's really lucky. Cause if I had seen a baby in a car I would have called the police. Thank God she's ok. He actually called and told me while still at Lowe's and was pretty shaken up so I tried to keep most of my anger checked.

Then yesterday he makes a dose of her heart med before I go to work. I come home and find that syringe laying on the coffee table. So I call him and say hey did you give Salem her meds this morning? Yeah I was pretty slick. He goes yeah. Then he hesitates and says I think so. Then he hesitates again at my silence. Did I not? I told him I found the syringe.

He's a great dad. He's just been so forgetful lately and these are two REALLY important things. It's driving me crazy! **Sigh**

As for me - I am going back on Weight Watchers when I get back from Maryland. And I am seriously considering taking Xenical. Brian said it's up to me. I had a friend who lost 100+ pounds on Meridia but I don't have that much to lose (60) and it has a lot worst side-effects. So we'll see how I do! Wish me luck.

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