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My Weekend

2001-12-16 12:57 p.m.

OK I am finally getting used to these blasted BCP's. They are like SUPER extra strength to make sure that I don't develop any follicles and they are just killing me. But I've always had a bad reaction to BCP's so I will just have to deal with it. I have to take them til January 7th. Straight through - no placebos.

It didn't help yesterday that my mom and I had the youth in front of Kmart doing free gift wrapping (no donations) for the community and that the salvation army guy pulled right up beside us with his handy little bell. ACK! God NO. I did well for an hour. In the second hour I was getting aggravated. In the 3rd hour I was almost in tears.

And he was such an GOOD bell ringer. No slacker here. So by the fourth and final hour I asked him if he had had a break. He said no. So we offered to take donations for him while he went to get something to eat. Take your time I said!!! ;) So he did and I managed to clear some of the ringing out of my head while I asked people for donations rather than ringing that !@#!@# bell. My kids got a laugh at that.

Then the people. You would think they would be excited about free giftwrapping - we didn't even accept donations. We do a lot of servant evangelism throughout the year with the idea of teaching the kids that you don't have to get paid to help peop.

And if you see youth doing it you know it's not going to be perfect right? Not one lady. She made one of my girls rewrap something twice before I noticed. So I took over and rewrapped it and gave a no nonesense look that said DON'T YOU DARE GRIPE again. My poor kid was almost in tears. Geez go get a bag if you don't like what we did. We are trying to help here.

But then there were the sweet people who after the kids really made them understand that we weren't taking donations, went and bought them sodas or snacks. :) So it all balanced out.

Except for my headache. I think I had shadows of that stupid bell ringing throughout the night.

We came home and I watched the Trading Spaces marathon. I LOVE what Laurie did with that romantic bedroom. I want to be on that show SO bad. But I live in a historic neighborhood. And I am not a member of the historic society and have not kept my house in it's original glory. So some of my neighbors might destroy some of my lovely work!!! So I doubt I will ever apply.

OK I was reading Miranda's diary today. That has got to be the sexiest picture of Heath Ledger I have EVER seen. Oh my goodness. **Sigh** I guess I need to watch A Knight's Tale again!

And don't get me started on Christmas. I am so behind I don't know if there is hope for me. I bought two presents online today and I have one bought for Korie and my 2 nieces and nephews on my side. The good thing is I don't have to buy for Brian except stocking stuffers. We bought palms the day after Thanksgiving at INCREDIBLE prices so those and IVF of course are our presents.

Korie - I got her her first real piece of jewelry. It's a sterling silver ring with an icathus on it (the christian fish symbol). It's lovely. I also got her a disco lamp for her room at home, and I ordered her a collector barbie today and will go and pick up some clothes next week. I have rub on gem tattoos, lip gloss, stickers, nail polish and bodyglitter for her stockings.

Tomorrow I am having a round robin ornament party so I better get off here and clean my house. Be back later.

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