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A Tribute to Lonnie Moyers

2001-12-17 10:09 a.m.

A Tribute to Lonnie Moyers

Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's husbands death some 25+ years ago. I didn't realize in time to be there for my mom yesterday. **BAD DAUGHTER** But I hope this helps.

See he was the love her of her life and he was murdered and she saw it happen. It was traumatic and something she will never forget.

Well today I decided to play on google and ran a random search on his name thinking I would find an old article about his murder, etc.

Instead I found this link to a beautiful story. It's a beautiful story and even though I barely remember him (I was 7 when he died) it really touched my heart.

Mom this is for you. I hope it becomes easier to remember all the good like this man does and to put the shadows of this trauma to rest. You deserve the peace.

A Tribute to Lonnie

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