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A Weekend to Myself

2002-01-04 3:42 p.m.

Yeah! A weekend to myself! Actually Korie (the dear stepdaughter) is at work with me and at 5 pm I am taking her to the mall to spend her christmas money. Then to Dunlaps to exchange a pair of shoes that has two right shoes. GRRR. Then when we get home we are eating chicken friend steak, homemade gravy and mashed potatos. I know it's fattening. Today I don't care. LOL.

Then Brian is taking Korie to his dad's for the weekend and then on to New Mexico on Sunday. So I have all day Saturday and Sunday to myself. Yee haw!!!

Tonight I am going to my sisters after they leave to watch movies and be silly and maybe to get her to style my hair and take a pic! :)

Then tomorrow mom and I may go see Kate and Leopold and then I am home to take down the Christmas stuff. It's GOT to go! LOL.

Then I am working on the debut of my bulletin board's official website. I totally screwed up the code and of course I saved the changes. Grrr.

Then I am going to clean and relax and **sigh** enjoy the quiet.

And get this - Monday is the last day fo these DREADED birth control pills. YEAH! Please pray that my E2 (a blood test that will show if I can start the infertility meds) is low and my sonogram shows NO cysts. :)

Well that's it. I will have plenty of time to write this weekend. I miss my diary. And I have a ton to write about and have got to get my thoughts clear to do so.

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