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How my weekend turned out

2002-01-07 12:27 p.m.

The weekend to myself: Well Brian and Korie didn't leave Friday night. Grrr. That sounds mean but I WANTED them to go. I planned for them to go. I was excited for them to go! LOL. And they didn't go. So Saturday morning I say, Brian when are you taking Korie home? I think he got the hint cause he said Sat. He left at noon.

Then I became myself. I turned the music up REAL loud, at a hotdog, drank an arbor mist and went through my infertility prayer list. It's huge. I will post it here sometime. It shouldn't be that huge.

Then mom took me to see Kate and Leopold. Very cute. Very funny! But Meg what the heck did you do to your hair? EEK! But Hugh Jackman is such a hotty!

Then I went home cleaned and read (a book - WOW I haven't read in ages) and then went to my sister's. We ate pizza and drank coke and massage each other's back with my new massager and watched The Glass House. I didn't get home til 2 am! LOL.

Then I had to teach Sunday School. I didn't mine - I LOVE the youth but it sure was hard to get up at 8 am. We talked about Matthew and who he was before Jesus called him and all he must have given up and then compared him to the rich young ruler later talked about in Matthew.

Brian was home when I got home and we went to our favorite hole in the wall mexican food place. Yummy! Then we came home and cuddled and tickled and watched Ghost of Mars. Really stupid but good at the same time if that makes sense.

Then he took the lights off the house and I got all my ornaments off the tree and wrapped. It's all down and the living room and laundry is done. Tonight I will clean the kitchen.

And Whoo Hoo today is the last day of these blasted pills. :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!

The bad thing is we've got to come up with about $500 more dollars. I didn't realize the anestiolist's fee wasn't included in what I paid the RE in December. UGH! That doesn't sound like a lot but it is when I only have $300 put back for travel costs for my monitoring and have already forked over $4000. God please help.

LOL. My weekend was relaxing and I couldn't even be bothered to get on the computer. I checked my email and posted a little at TW but that's it. I didn't even work on the pages. LOL. But I found the code I thought I trashed so it should be okay.

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