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My Mother-In-Law

2003-02-16 10:09 p.m.

OK - about my mother-in-law. She released Friday morning (Valentine's Day) from federal prison this after serving 8 1/2 years of a 10 year sentence for conspiracy to traffic drugs. She went down for something her jacka$$ husband got her involved in. (this is not Brian's dad. And he was 20 years younger). Basically he filtered money through her fireworks business. She knew about it and it didn't stop it thus the sentence. And actually a harsh sentence. But the DEA didn't believe that she didn't have details on the people JP were involved with. Apparently JP was in pretty deep with some serious drug traffickers.

Anyway - I am nervous. For her and for us. She's 62 years old. She has to work the next three years to be eligible for Social Security. She will be in where we live at a Halfway House (required) for 4-6 months. I will be spending the afternoons next week driving her across town to find a job. We think we have her one but it's not set in stone. Plus driving her around all afternoon will affect my pumping! :( Normally I pump every hour in the from about 1:30-6:30. So this means I will be pumping more in the evenings. So I don't want it to affect pumping. My supply goes down drastically when I miss pumps.

Please keep her and us in your prayers. She is 62 and besides being in prison so long the world and technology has changed so drastically.

Before she went to prison she owned a fireworks business all over the state of texas. That was all seized and now belongs to Mr. W (if you're in Texas you know how big Mr. W fireworks are). Before that she did floral design but that was a good 20 years ago.

In prison she took some college courses and for the last three years she's done auto cad drafting but the chances of her finding an auto cad job with her age and criminal background is slim.

She's a wonderful woman and just needs a chance to get her life back together after that jacka$$ helped destroyed it. We spent the weekend visiting her and talking and getting together things she needs.

All in all it was a great weekend but my Valentine's Day was spent there. So I guess I feel kinda cheated. But my birthday is in two weeks so Brian will make up for it. He's usually good about those things. He just really loves his mom and can't get enough of her!!!

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