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Drive By Entry

2003-02-18 8:34 a.m.

I've update Salem's photos. Here's the link. The password is the same. Mia there's one in there with her in the sleeper you sent!

Well we've had a busy weekend with my mother-in-law. But it's been good! She's so happy and it's good to see Brian so happy with her.

Salem is doing great. I think she might be teething. I didn't realize that could start early at 4 months. But heck I didn't know babies could be born with teeth either. You learn something knew everyday.

She has really started playing with toys lately. When she's under the gymini she had been just looking in the mirror. Now she swats the frog and hangs on to the bunny! Too cute.

She was in the exersaucer last night while we made dinner. She got tired of being in it and grunted REAL loud which means look at me! So I turned and look and I swear she looked like she was raising her hands up!

Please say a prayer for a friend of mine whose infant daughter Makenna is having open heart surgery this morning!

Well I gotta run! I know it's short but a drive by entry is better than no entry.

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