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Mind & Body Part II

2001-11-08 4:27 p.m.

Mind and Body Week Part II

OK I think I am doing pretty well. I am an expert with the mini's which work exceptionally well with my temper EEK. But I can't seem to discipline myself to do the RR's on a regular basis. I have to find a specific time to schedule them but I haven't. I've been doing them in between things which isn't good.

I did do one today at the chiropractor while I was having some therapy done on my back with an electrical current machine (I have no idea what the real name is).

And have I improved my diet? A BIG resounding no! :( OK I want to but just don't. No real reason. Before I realize what I'm doing I've order french fries and a diet DP. OK Like the diet DP will matter after I count the points those fries mean. UGH!

OK - stress. It's getting better. I think the chiropractor and the mini's are helping in that area.

My additional ideas are to listen to my relaxation music more and to check out acupuncture next week which my chiro does. EEK! A little scary but exciting. It's nice to be excited about things for a change.

I called and cancelled IVF for December and put it starting in January. I really don't need that stress. And what's one more month when I've been waiting since May? :) Good attitude.

And I've been doing the positive talking and visualization. I can see my baby in my mind and how beautiful they will be. I can imagine nursing them and nurting. It's bliss. I can visual the energy in my body aligning itself with the word of God because, "By His Stripes I have been healed."

Anyway - I've by no means done anything right but I do believe I am on the road to wholeness! :) PRAISE GOD! :)

BTW I add a pic to an older entry called "A Part of Who I Am."

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