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General Update - 5/22/05

2005-05-22 2:23 a.m.

Geez what's wrong with me? No update for 3 months. And I was doing so much better at posting a few times a month.

Well I don't have a real excuse. But here's a general updated. I am tired (almost 38 weeks pregnant). The pregnancy has been going pretty well. I am still watched pretty closely and on insulin (it goes up everytime I go in). I've been to the Dr. for NST's twice a week for 3 weeks and we are for sure having a girl. Her name will be Raina Joy-Janae. I may have a csection this coming week! We'll see.

Salem is doing awesome. She started speech therapy in March and has made great strides in her speech development. She's so darn cute if I do say so. She loves to come kiss my tummy and her baby. She still goes to gymnastics with daddy once a week (it's official daddy/daughter time) and we do a lot of playdates with her friend Maeghyn and playing outside now that it's warm.

Brian is working hard. Almost too hard. I feel bad. He's gone about 60-70 hours a week these days. I miss him them and it's hard not to be jealous of all the time he's away from the house. But I appreciate his hard work. It enables me to stay at home and it's not an everyday thing that he's gone so much. Just seasonally.

Hmmm...there is a ton more that I need to make entries for like the pregnancy and my trip to Vegas the first weekend of April to meet a HUGE group of IVF friends. There were 28 of us! It was a blast.

I've also been scrapbooking a ton. Anyway there is a general update. I've got to get better about updating. If it's back to 3-4 times a month.

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