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Salem's Update - Year 3

2006-06-16 12:42 p.m.

***This is compiled from notes I made throughout the year so even though I've not been here I've been keeping up! Just thought I would try to keep up here now. I know I've said that before. LOL.***

Salem - Year 3

One minute
She loves to say awwwman like Swiper the Fox on Dora
Happle Pie Juice
Boo Boo Yummy
All the day
Daddyn said yes
Mommy said yes

Now says I hummy instead of I yummy!

Mommy – mommy
Daddy – daddy or daddyn still some
Korie – sissy (sounds like tissy)
Raina – naina, now reena
Sasha – dasha or puppy
Larrah – Lala
Yuriko – Riko
My mom – Meme
Maeghyn – Mae Mae
LaRae - Rae

[b]Loves: Dr. Pepper (Bapu Pepper), Dora fruit pieces, Booboo yummy
Cinderella, Elmo, The Wiggles some (not as much as year 1 and 2) and Dora!!! And adores Laurie Berkner

[b]Hates:[/b] BUGS. Hates them. And being cold.

Salem is still WAY into Princess stuff. She wants a princess bday party and loves dress up clothes and her Cinderella movie. She still watches Elmo some and just recently started asking to watch the Wiggles again.

She's VERY musically oriented. She LOVES Laurie Berkner songs.

She's in Tae Kwon Doe, Gymnastics and and does speech and physical therapy. We're going to take swim lessons later this month.

She's a lot of fun. She likes playing - I'm the mommy (that means I am the baby :giggle ). She also loves to draw. On anything!!!

She likes purses (she calls them backpacks). She puts STUFF in them. TONS. Never the same. LOL. It cracks me up. And they go wherever she goes. Sometimes even to bed with her.


For Mother's Day Out Preschool. They are common here. They are local churches who do a Mother's Day Out Program for moms but this one is preschool based. Starting in the fall she will go 2 days a week for 5 hours for $110 a month. If she doesn't adjust well we can drop to 1 day a week or quit.

Salem's speech therapist recommended it so I figured we would try. I am SO not ready to send her off! I can't believe she's almost 3. **Sigh** She will stay in speech too. So she will have MOPS class 2x a month while I am in MOPS, gymnastics once a week, preschool 2x a week and speech 1x a week.


Life With Two: I am SO tired. I LOVE Raina to pieces and Salem is adjusting well I am just bone tired. With Salem - even with her health issues and feeding her every 3 hours til six months I could nap when she did and because I was working part-time and Brian working we switched off a lot. But I definitely can't nap when she does with an almost three year old running around!

Otherwise things are well. Raina is 1/2 ounce short of 6 pounds and nursing pretty well albeit around the clock. She has almost weaned from the nipple shield entirely but still refuses to latch without it if she gets bent out of shape and frustrated for whatever reason.

Salem is a doll. She loves sister. We're just adjusting to our new life - like her wanting something when I start to nurse. I am trying to anticipate that. Also - I can't get in the pool with her yet - so she's frustrated she can't swim til daddy gets home.

Anyway - someone asked me today if I was going to be scrapbooking ANYTIME soon! I died laughing. I can't imagine being mentally up for it even if I had time.

I am having Raina's pics taken professionally on Sat and her baby dedication will be the first or second Sunday in July!


She was straddling the back of the couch while I was nursing so I couldn't get her off. I told her twice to get down. She laughed. I think she's figured out she can get away with more while I am nursing. I said you're going to fall and what happens? She falls and lands flat on her face on the hardwood floor. She doesn't even cry for about 10 seconds as I hurriedly unlatch Raina and then Raina screams and then Salem is screaming and I am like OH no when I see a mouth of blood. But she's ok. Mommy is stressed at both of them screaming for almost half an hour though!


Salem is almost 3. October 1st. I can't believe it. We're going to do an Elmo party. She's all about Elmo these days. It's so cute. She reads a lot and her imagination is taking off. She brings me pretend food and tea from her kitchen and loves the pool. She had a blast at the circus and the zoo! We went to the Rainforest Cafe and it scared the crap out of her so I was surprised because the circus was loud and dark. We had to move to a quieter part of the restaurant. She is good with Raina but still pushing her boundaries with me a lot especially when I am nursing. She goes to the 3 year old gymnastics class starting in August and Mother's Day Out preschool in September. She's still in speech and doing SO well it's amazing. She imitates a lot which is very good. She's potty trained at home if she doesn't have panties or diapers on. I need to work on the panties at home so we can start working on panties out in public. She has an echo in early September.


She kissed me on the mouth a few days ago and then smashed her mouth against mine and moved her head a lot! She was mimicking us without the open mouth. Too funny!


Salem will pee/poop in the potty at home easily. For a while she messed up panties so we just let her go bottomless at home. Yesterday Brian put her in panties and we actually left the house and NO accidents. I was impressed. So we're going to do panties from now on at home. We went to a birthday party and I kept imagining how I was going to handle panties in public by myself yet so I decided when I am alone we will continue to do pull-ups until she's accident free for a couple of weeks with panties. Then we'll go for it.

I guess I need to keep her in dresses and elastic waistbands and such so she can get to the potty?

As helpful and easy as they are, I can see where pull-ups can be a hindrance. Salem asked to go "booboo" yesterday at the party in her panties. When she's in a pull-up she seldom asks.


She did great. She went right in and started playing with the mister potato heads. She said Mommy come on when I left meaning she wanted me to stay and I told her I'd be back in a little bit. No tears. WOW what a big girl.


Echo: That U/S tech wasn't there but it went well. Salem didn't cry or fight it at all. Not even a whimper during the echo/ekg. She did get really upset when the Dr. came in but otherwise it was perfect. WOW what a grown up little girl!

And we had such a good report. He said he couldn't take the diagnosis away but she looked fantastic. Whoo Hoo! We don't go back for 6 months


Salem wears pull-ups to bed or out of the house. We get the Huggies with princesses on them. Well she's decided she only likes the ones with 3 princesses on them. Every other diaper. The others have 1. We can't forgo the others so I told her today she had to wear a 1 princess to school and the 3 princesses for bed. She was SO mad. UGH!


Salem’s Burn: Brian let's her HELP cook. Usually stirring - that kind of thing. Well the other night he was sautéing fish and she was on her stool and she started screaming and came running to me and said hot hot. I thought grease had popped her. What had happened though (Brian saw it) was she bent over to smell the fish and her lip touched the skillet. OUCH. UGH! I was so mad. I don't let her help cook cause I worry about things like this but Brian's always been so good with her I was beginning to feel like a worry wart. But now I sadly feel justified. And on her face! UGH!

Well that was Thursday. We put aloe vera and then antibiotic crème on it each day and now this morning she has a burn mark under her lip that's real noticeable. I didn't notice it when we were doctoring her lip the past two days. Her lips are kinda full so maybe that's why but now it's REALLY noticeable.

We may have to reschedule her 3 year portraits. Poor baby.


We went to see Korie cheerlead. Salem had a blast watching Korie. She was mimicking everything. It was SO cute. She adores Korie.


WOW she’s 3. I can’t believe it. It’s gone so fast. Man I can seriously remember when she was born. I was so amazed that my dream of motherhood had actually come true. I am still amazed. I look at her and see how much she’s grown and I realize that in no time she’s going to be grown. Lord help me raise her to know you. Help me raise her to be a young woman of God who loves people and wants to serve you. Man I love her.


Salem’s 3 Year Checkup

Brian took her cause I've been sick all day with a sinus infection. She weighed 25 1/2 pounds and was 35 inches tall. She got a hepatitis A shot. I didn't even know that was required. Poor Brian - he didn't know if he should get it or not. I may have waited. So of course he had to hold her down while they did it. He even asked me this morning if she was getting shots and I said no.

I don't know if I mentioned it but Salem is pigeon toed. It's gotten somewhat better but of course it's still there. Dr. S said it's not troublesome in the fact that she can run and play and does gymnastics etc but we may have to consider surgery closer to 4 if it doesn't correct itself more. I didn't know that.


It's only happened twice but Salem tries to "nurse" Raina. She actually lifts up her shirt and puts her to her chest and pats her back etc. Lasts maybe 30-45 seconds. I always say good job, you'll be able to nurse a baby like mommy does some day and let it go. It's really sweet



She's been trained at home since late June I think. I've been pretty chicken to take her out in panties because I was envisioning the messes to cleanup and taking her to the potty while carrying Raina. How do you help a 3 year old up on a toilet when you're holding a baby?

Anyway - she's ready though so Saturday I bit the bullet and we took her out in panties. She had 2 accidents at home (which are weird because she seldom has them at home) but none out.

Sunday she did just as well. I am worried about Trunk or Treating tonight because her costume is hard to get off.

I will send her to school in a pull-up tomorrow and ask them if I can send her in panties on Thursday!

My big girl!

Also Salem's been wearing panties out of the house for three days now. Well her pants are VERY big on her in the waist but I have to get a 2T to fit her length. She had on a pair of 18-24 month Capri’s over her panties yesterday at church. She was hanging out with our mother's helper that goes to church there. During praise and worship she was giggling and run around and her pants fell down right around her ankles while she was dancing to the music! Poor baby!


My mom is in the other room with Salem and Raina and I just heard her tell Salem - I Love you. And Salem said...

"Well I Love My Mommy!"


Oh My Gawwwssshhh

Salem is looking at the TRU Toy Book that came in the mail last week. Every page she turns she finds something and says Ohhhh my gawshhhh I want this....mommy I want this mommy!


She's been trained at home for about 3 months or so now and 2 weeks ago we went with panties leaving the house. Tada!!! She's doing AWESOME!!! She wears a pull-ups to bed.


Major road trip to Nashville. Brian had a conference and I tagged along. We broke the trip up in 2 days the way there and back and pretty much had to stop every 2-3 hours to nurse Raina. Raina is a crab in the carseat. Salem travels wonderfully. While there we stayed at the Doubletree and met Allison and her daughters (she posts at WW) and Sherri, Lexi and her older daughters (from ezb). The last day back was a horrendous trip. The DVD player wouldn’t work and Raina was sick of the seat. It took forever to get home. But I enjoyed sightseeing with both girls and having fun even though I was by myself most of the time. I did go to the Third Day concert. We had the girls there but it was too loud so Brian went out front with them. It was a short mini concert.


Mommy I want it hot!

OK I can be lazy at times with laundry. I don't always get my clothes out of the dryer when it's done so they wrinkle. And I am not going to spend ages of times ironing everything before I hang it up or fold it.

So most mornings I iron mine and Salem's clothes and occasionally Raina's (her terry sleepers don't need it). Now if I don't Salem says mommy I want it hot! Even her panties. LOL.

Brian says I'm spoiling her. But he laughs. She asked him to make her pajamas hot last night! I think it's cute. Takes less then 5 minutes to iron her little clothes.


No Please

Well Salem still doesn't always do well with strangers which is fine but she normally screams NOOOOOOOOOOO when they touch her hair etc. So I've been teaching her to say no please. Well we were at Cracker Barrell in Memphis on the way home from Nashville. This older lady walked by and touched her hair and said oh how pretty. Salem screams no no no no. The lady walks off and Brian is getting on to Salem. So I tell him Brian I am teaching her to say no please. It's ok for her to say no just not scream it.

Well the little toot stood up in her chair and screamed at the top of her lungs in her shrillest voice to the lady NO PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Everyone in the restaurant looked at us like we were crazy cause we died laughing. I am sure they thought she was a major brat!


2 Falls At Speech Today

It's REALLY windy here #1 so that's aggravating. Leaves constantly blowing our faces. We get to speech and I have to make Salem leave something in the car. They don't like you to bring in things as it can distract from the therapy. She's used to that but this morning decides to meltdown and freaks and runs and when I call to her to stop she turns and looks at me and trips on the curb. Ruins a pair of pants and therapy starts with tears. She's ok though.

After speech I am carrying Raina and getting Salem in the car. I usually open Salem's side and let her in (to keep her away from cars while I am busy with Raina). She gets in her seat and does the top buckle. She's on my side. Then I turn to take Raina to her side and trip over the same freaking curb. But I'm carrying Raina. I have a think blanket on her and manage to get my hand to the back of her head as my knee hit the asphalt so she's not hurt but she's screaming like crazy, my pants are ruined and my knee all bloody. People saw us and came running. The center director came outside...It was a mess. I undressed Raina and there is not a mark on her thank God. She is not crying now and I am gingerly testing her limbs to make sure all is ok.

Gosh what a bad morning!


I don’t know how to make Salem ...stop waking her sister. If she is in her crib she's knocking on the door. If she's on the couch she touches her, if she's in the bouncy seat she bounces it.

Raina is an incredibly light sleeper and timeouts and loss of toys haven't helped. Tonight Raina was asleep on the couch cause her room is really cold. Salem came home from Bible class and within 5 minutes she was on the couch waking her up.



Salem said JACKET!!! What a hard word and it was SO clear! Mommy I want my jacket!!! Whoo hoo!


I think Salem’s going to have a weak stomach. She was helping me change Raina's diaper (she was helping with the wipes). It was gross - probably the grossest since we started solids). She actually started gagging - several times. I sent her to the rest room. I really thought she was going to throw up! Poor thing!


Happle Pie Juice Please…LOL I've been meaning to share this for ages. For a while Salem was just saying juice then happle juice (for apple). Then somehow she started calling apple juice happle pie juice. It's SO cute. I LOVE it.


Laurie Berkner’s The Doodle Bug Song:

OK she HAS to be a Seinfeld song cause 4 of the doodlebugs are named Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Jerry flew down to FL to visit his parents and Elaine went across the hall to visit Kramer!

I've heard this song 10,000 times and just realized this today!


Salem is in a speech explosion! This week alone she's told me she's happy, she says jacket, she called one of the youth girls named Yuriko "ricko", today she said I love Jesus and mommy naina (Raina) is the baby and I the big girl.


They don't know what is up with Salem's cough. She doesn't have an infection, zyrtec for allergies isn't helping, no croup, no other symptoms etc. So he put her on singulair for 2 weeks. If it doesn't help they want her to have a chest xray.


Brian is meeting with the owner of a large Tae Kwon Do place that just built a new center and will need trash pickup and lawn maintenance. Both Brian and Salem would take classes. I think it would be an excellent stress relief for Brian and great for Salem growing up!


TKD Update: Since she is only 3 the owner wants Salem to come up tonight for an interview of sorts to watch her interact etc. He normally starts them at an older 4 or 5. But he's been thinking of doing a parent/tot class like at gymnastics.

So she might be equipped enough to start. If she's not ready for it we might could build up a credit so we'll see. **

UPDATE: They let her start. He could tell she's been doing something where she's learning to follow directions in a group setting. So gymnastics has paid off in that regard.

She did really well tonight. So we're tentatively a go!!! She seemed to like it. Once a week in the youngest class (older 4's).


Today was Salem's first day back at school and man I needed it. She's been a little terror the last week. Then yesterday Brian was home during lunch and right before nap. So he laid down with her. When she woke up he was gone and she totally flipped out. I want my daddyn. Get out my room mama. I don't want you mama. I want my daddyn. Shrieking and screaming hysterically. After 20 minutes I called Brian and asked him to come home. Of course I felt like crap. All night she wouldn't even look at me. I don't know what the heck I did to her.

But today I am relieved she's at school. I needed a break after yesterday.

I am SO dreading hte ten days he is in Brazil.


1 Book Mama? I tell Salem I will read her 1 book - go pick it out. She says 1 book mama? I say yes 1 book. She brings me 14!


We went to DFW with my mom and sister and her kids. It was a great weekend. I forgot Salem’s swimsuit with the built in life jacket. VERY scary moment when Salem thought she could jump in like she does at home! Evin actually helped get her out. We are not leaving without that swimsuit in the future and she is taking swim lessons this summer.


Salem is ALWAYS telling me no. Now I don't want to say you can't say no blanketly. But still - Salem help me pick up the toys - NO. Salem it's time to go - No. Salem - quit hitting Raina. No. You get the idea. So usually for hitting I put her in her room. With the other stuff like if it's time to go I just pick her up and carry her to the car or stuff goes in timeout.

BUT I want to say don't tell me no! UGH! Or maybe don't tell me no when I ask you to do something.

UGH! It's always a battle lately.


When we got to the airport to get Brian Salem wanted to ride the escalator. She had ridden escalators before so I figured she could hold the rail and my pants while I held Raina. Well she slipped. I managed to bend my hip down and catch her with my knees. There was NO one on the escalator and she was slipping so I SCREAMED - literally screamed - for someone to help me please. Two ladies came running and one who was pregnant almost fell down trying to help us. She landed on her knee.

TSA just stood there looking at us.

She has a skinned knee and I feel SO bad that the pregnant lady fell.

How scary! I truly thought she was going to fall all the way down and her clothes get hung or something.


At MOPS today someone from the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature was there. It was AWESOME. She read this adorable book called Dumpy La Rue. I came home and ordered it! I can't wait to read it to Salem.

Dumpy La Rue - Salem loves to read and this is more advanced but still the words have a cadence to them that I think she will love. We had the preschool's open house tonight and the teachers said that Salem loves quiet time (book time) and just reads book after book. She's always loved books. I was SO glad to hear that!!! Anyway at the open house - we found out they've been taking pics and videos through out the year of activities and playtime. They showed them to us and we get a copy! I am SO excited.


Salem’s Speech Eval:

Receptively she's fine. She's a 92 on an acceptable scale of 85-115. Expressively she's a 74 which is still considered quite significant.

We have to specifically work on:

1. Developing 4-5 word phrases
2. Getting her to say words rather than use sounds - for instance if she wants to say cat she does the sound meow, woof for dog and a monkey sound for monkey. She learned to do this so long ago that we think it's more of a comfort issue than anything.
3. Ing words - Action words. Like running rather than run.
4. Plurals
5. Function

She would definitely benefit from going twice a week but the insurance still hasn't approved the once a week since the insurance changed in early February. We anticipate that it will cover 1x a week but I don't want to do twice a week ($80 a session) til I know. If the insurance doesn't cover it they will have a payment decision based on a sliding scale based on income but we made quite a bit last year so I don't know how much savings that will be.

Side-note: They are going to refer us to PT just to look at her feet (pigeon toed).


Salem’s Geneticist Appt

All is well. She has consistently been in the 50% on the Noonan's Scale for 2 years. Based on that she think Salem will grow to be about 4'11 and stay pretty petite.

She said to keep up with the speech and as she progresses if any learning disabilities become apparent she can help me get services for her even if we do homeschool. Many NS kids do better in homeschool situations because it's so individualized. I know the special ed services in my city are poor.

Anyway that's it.


Salem’s Cardiologist Appt

He kinda scared me for a moment want he wanted to redo the echo himself but it's back to the way it was. Last March (2005) there was thickening - same old same ole. In September (2005) it was significantly better. Now it's comparatively the same as last March.

I asked about the pulmonary stenosis and the tech hadn't checked that. GRRR. So we had to put Salem on the table for a 3rd time. By now she was freaking out. She did so well the first time and relatively well the second time. I feel so bad. He said there was some throttling and we needed to watch that. Salem was freaking so I didn't ask a lot of questions. I have a call into the cardiologist to see what that means.


Overall I am pretty pleased with Salem’s preschool (MDO) experience. Salem had a really hard adjustment. For 2 months she would cry when I dropped her off. It broke my heart. But I know the assistant director really well and she said within 15 minutes she was always fine. She's very interactive with the kids, she loves to play games and is somewhat more social with kids she doesn't know now. She really loves 1 of her teachers, she loves the art projects etc.

The main reason I did it was to expose her speech wise (other than just me) and to help her with other kids. She wouldn't play with anyone besides Maeghyn even at the park or the museum or anything we did. Also it really helped me adjust to having a baby and a preschooler and still do my work from home. I am able to get a lot done on T&Th.

I don't think it's really needed academically but in our situation it really helped. I do think the academic stuff is nothing I couldn't teach at home. Although ours is not largely academic - it's very play oriented.

I don't think preschool is mandatory for being 100% prepared for kindergarten. But I think at least a year before K helps.


We went skiing in Colorado. Salem did fantastic on the slopes. She even went on several greens. I was amazed. I have to admit I was pretty scared. She also loved tubing! NOT ME! LOL. She was sick on the way home. It sucked!


Salem asked to sleep in her own bed tonight. Wow how bittersweet. We had just said that we wanted to try to have her in her own bed at night by October when she turns 4.

Well yesterday we moved bedrooms around. We moved back downstairs and moved Larrah upstairs. So last night we slept together as usual - Brian, me, Raina and Salem in our bed but a different room.

Right across the hall is Salem's room where she plays and naps. Tonight she asked to sleep in her room. In her bed. **Sigh**

I am glad she's doing it on her own I am just suprised. My baby! What a big girl.

We did tell her to come to us if she needed anything. I sat beside her bed and we did the prayers and story as usual. She's asleep.

She made it ALL night long. She woke up at 7:15 and called for me. I still can't believe it. I hope it's not a fluke.


They did a Easter Egg hunt at school Thursday. She actually only came home with 12 pre-filled eggs. But she is asking for candy. I say no. She says yes. I say you can have a piece after supper. She says she wants booboo yummy all the day! She says it in such a WHINEY voice I have to laugh!

*** Boo Boo yummy is what she calls candy. She calls candy yummy and she calls going to the potty boo boo and back when we were rewarding pting with candy she called it boo boo yummy and it stuck!


Salem the parrot

Brian has a receding hair line so he is often teased by Larrah and Korie that he's going bald. The other day Larrah said Brian you really are going bald. Salem said - you really are going bald daddy.

Then last night - Brian is sick. I asked him how he was doing - he said just shoot me. I said give me the gun. Salem said - give mama the gun daddy!


Salem’s PT Eval

They are going to get her in for 1x a week and maybe later add a 2nd session. They said it's more her hips and upper body strength as opposed to her feet. For instance in the harness at gymnastics she can't flip over but a lot of kids can. She's real wobbly coming down stairs if she doesn't hold on. It's also harder for her to walk slow coming down a ramp so that indicates balance issues.

Anyway - they also said they would probably order her a swimsuit type thing that goes under her clothes and that would help her.

Thankfully the therapist was familiar with NS and said that some of these issues were NS related and could definitely be corrected. I liked her a lot. And her name is Denise which is a name Salem can say - Neese. YEAH!!!


Say the magic word please!

I told Salem to say the magic word please (trying to prompt her for a please) and she put her finger on her lip and said hmmm like she was thinking really hard and said.. Be Ba Boo (Bippity Boppity Boo). I just about fell over.


Happy Mother’s Day. Nannie came to Amy’s today for lunch! Salem was so sweet. She told Nannie she loved her and sat in her lap! What a sweet girl.


Raina is a TERRIBLY light sleeper. I mean if the doorbell rings or the floorboards creak by the bed she wakes.

Well Salem was watching Jack's Big Music show. They were playing I'm gonna catch you - you better run and she kept running in circles and squealing and woke up Raina after I had asked her several times to stop.

So I got mad and put in her time out. Now I feel bad. She's just been a kid. Any other time it wouldn't have phased me.


Salem misses Denise at school. Her last day of school was the 11th and she doesn’t quite understand that there is no more school til fall and even then I don’t think she gets she’ll get a new teacher. Poor kiddo.


You are SO excited about Raina’s party this weekend. I think you’re a little jealous of all the attention Raina’s been getting over her glasses cause you were really aggressive today but you are also so sweet and attentive to her. I know you will continue to grow up to be a wonderful sister.


Salem is having a blast at VBS. It's all week from 8:30-11:30. They are playing games, singing songs and learning more about Jesus. She was SO excited when I picked her up yesterday!

She is also calling Raina Reena rather than naina lately!!!


Yesterday I went looking for Salem. Nap should have been over and we had swim lessons so I was going to wake her.She wasn't in her room or the bathroom so I checked the bathroom and went back to her room and couldn't find her. I turned to walk back out and she jumped from behind her rocking chair and said BOO! I jump and said oh "s****" and she laughed and said I scared you! :lol She’s so silly. She’s doing well in speech and PT. She went to VBS last week at Zion and this week with Maeghyn at Hillcrest. It looks like Maeghyn might move. Salem will be devastated.  She’s doing well in swim lessons. She’s a fish by nature.

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