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Daily Word of Healing - Faith

2002-01-14 1:04 p.m.

***Daily Word of Healing***

Faith: My faith in God is a silent, powerful prayer.

I don't always feel God when I pray no matter how much I want to. Sometimes I am too distracted, too quick, too loud. But when I do it is phenomenal. When I am quiet and still and breathing in and and out deeply and evenly, I tend to give my complete attention to God and a revitalization takes place. I feel peaceful. I feel hopeful. I feel as if I have spent time with God. Not the way I feel when I am praying quickly or because I feel I need to.

Prayer is a foundation to a relationship with Christ. That's my opinion. How else can you commune with God? Devotionals and bible reading are important. They teach you and guide you and enlighten you. But how can you know God if you don't talk to him. And especially if you don't listen.

Prayer is my faith builder. I struggle with faith. I am not a faith talker like Brian. I have that touch of fear that just holds me back. I am working on that God. I really dislike like that about myself. But when I do pray the way I mentioned above, I feel God, I sense God, I know he's there listening. I know it. And I feel his response. Therefore it increases my faith. So when I know my faith is lacking, now I know what to go.

"One day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul." Psalms 138:3

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